What To Do When An Employee Sees Red

Dealing with anger in the workplace is one of the most difficult and awkward processes a supervisor/manager/director must face. Depending upon frequency, subject of anger and team dynamics, reactions may range from ignoring the problem to full scale outside intervention. Managers we speak to often lament the trend to give legitimacy to trivial complaints. Ignoring... Continue Reading →

Team Building? Not so Fast!

We were recently involved in a project stemming from long standing disagreement(s) between two managers. Over time criticisms that enlisted the support of departments and businesses outside the organization had escalated. Within the past 12 months, issues that began as small, bloomed into direct conflict. The conflict that had become a fact of workplace culture... Continue Reading →

Managing Emotions in Hard Decisions

Staffing Pearl of Wisdom: Fire Assholes Authors Allison Rimm and Celia Brown article: “Knowing When to Fire Someone” Harvard Business Review, https://hbr.org/2015/01/knowing-when-to-fire-someone should be mandatory reading for anyone in management. Let’s set the scenario. We suspect that if you entertained a group of 50 managers/directors one evening for light refreshments, 45 of the 50 individuals... Continue Reading →

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