See Expert Conciliation on a Ride Along with Pueblo City Police

We saw facilitative leadership, evaluative and plenty of transformational leadership. At our office, we have the academic credentials:  Masters Negotiated Conflict Resolution from Creighton School of Law and extended mediation training at Northwestern University / Chicago.  However, when it comes to mediation and conciliation skills we do not hold a candle to Pueblo City Police... Continue Reading →

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Hello, I’m here to Vilify Your Industry

Ethical challenges and ethical decision-making processes experienced or witnessed by U.S. financial advisers. Hello, I’m here to vilify your Industry, As an investment adviser, I am not frightened by many things.  I have weathered enough negative markets to give me the tools, knowledge and courage to help my clients fulfill investment needs and goals. Dealing... Continue Reading →

Finally – Enabling Business Ethics

Effectiveness of Professional Ethics Education This is interesting.  We’ve been asked to help review a new course offering 1 credit hour in business ethics.  We thought we had seen the full range of professional ethics courses until we visited with the authors.  The course is designed for business students enrolled in business education at a... Continue Reading →

Developing an Employee

When Do You Know Your Employee Will Never be an Asset? The partners have been asking that to ourselves for awhile now. We have done everything to help a new (3 years) employee fit in and grow professionally as our office manager.  We’ve provided professional education and certification, sent her to San Diego for industry... Continue Reading →

Business Ethics in Financial Institutions

Happy New Year – Let’s Get Serious! We have an interesting project for 2017.  ColoradoNDR will be assisting in an ethics project examining the financial industry.  While the basis of the project will be regulatory compliance and enforcement research, the outcome (hopefully) will point to character strengths each of us individually need to recommit to –... Continue Reading →

Leadership Development – How Do You Teach Determination?

Teaching Employees to Take Responsibility vs. Making Employees Take Responsibility We had an interesting question last week about how to teach self-determination to employees wanting to advance. Sitting down with one employer the questions asked were aimed more at “how do I teach/make this employee take responsibility?” This is not a one size fits all... Continue Reading →

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