Part 3 – Community Mediation: Meetings with Potential

Phase Three – The Meeting             Phase Three of the community mediation process examines the “mediation table” essentials. We have laid the groundwork in Phase One and Phase Two – Planning and Preparation.  Those who have, or who are, involved in community dispute resolution will testify that the heavy lifting involved in community mediation really... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Community Mediation: Unique, Arduous, Rewarding

The Community Mediation Process: Part One - Planning, Preparation and Design, Process, Evaluation and Monitoring. Community conflict is a fact of life. This year has created new and critical challenges that fuel social and cultural unrest. Many communities are turning to mediation as a way to achieve understanding, resolve conflict and create a better future... Continue Reading →

We Are on the Brink – COVID 19

The tale of deserving businesses being denied CARES loans has, and is, being repeated for many of U.S. small businesses who are the backbone of our economy. These are the small businesses who struggle every day to produce and employ members of our communities, but are unable to access the same support as major players. Things are not going back to normal. If normal is a divided nation with racial and economic inequality – we should not want to return to the old normal. We should instead, embrace the opportunity to be better. But how can one person change a hurting globe?

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