Developing an Employee

When Do You Know Your Employee Will Never be an Asset? We have done everything to help a new (3 years) employee fit in and grow professionally as our office manager.  We’ve provided professional education and certification, sent her to San Diego for industry training (paid for flights, meals and accommodation for her and her... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year – Let’s Get Serious – Ethics Project

Happy New Year – Let’s Get Serious We have an interesting project for 2017.  ColoradoNDR will be assisting in an ethics project examining the financial industry.  While the basis of the project will be compliance / enforcement research, the outcome (hopefully) will point to character strengths each of us individually need to recommit – with... Continue Reading →

Trust Me, I’m your Manager

We recently spoke to a supervisor who complained that her team had no respect for the job or her authority. What made matters worse was the fact that she felt management neither cared or supported her in her duties. Generating trust and respect of management by employees in the workplace is essential for productivity, team... Continue Reading →

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