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Workplace Dispute Resolution, Positive Corporate Culture Development, Mediation & Negotiation Services, and Educational Speaking by Martha Wilcoxson, Ed.D.

As mediators, we quickly became aware that workplace conflict is particularly critical and needs mediation and negotiation services. Internal conflict issues have the ability to bring departments to their knees, ruin professional careers, and squash a positive corporate attitude. The workplace environment poses several challenges including day to day interaction, internal dispute escalation played out in sabotage or personal challenges to reputation. Therefore, dealing with workplace conflict has the added essential of requiring a trusted, neutral guide for resolution. Mediation has several advantages that not only effectively deal with internal disputes by allowing parties to address conflict, the mediation process also has the potential to build stronger working relationships.

Colorado NDR (Negotiated Dispute Resolution) provides neutral guidance and mediation in areas of EEO complaints, superior/subordinate issues, and peer conflict. In-house human resource personnel are sometimes limited in mediation services due to the need for a trusted neutral agreed upon by both parties. Working with a non-affiliated neutral promotes a successful outcome.

Colorado NDR also provides tailored programs that deal with specific issues such as difficult conversations, problems solving and interpersonal negotiations.

Corporate Culture Development

This is what happens when two mediators get together and daydream about corporate culture development. The partners at Colorado NDR suspected their market wanted more than just mediation and negotiation services. The first ah-ha moment came when discussing the year’s speaking engagements. The most requested topic for 2013 was “How to Create a Positive Corporate Culture”. Variations on the theme were similar: “Effective Organizations”, “Creating Loyalty in the Workplace”, etc.

Positive Business Identity

All of these topics share the common thread of a unique, positive business identity. We developed a program for firm 10 to 500 employee strong, which produces a workforce that is loyal, loves their job, and truly has the best interest of the organization at heart.

How do you create a brand that is known for these qualities? It’s a process, but the main ingredients are (1) Establishing your brand, (2) Recruitment that works, (3) Generation of employee training and opportunities for involvement, (4) Strong lines of horizontal and vertical communication, and (5) recognizing true effort. And above all,  do not tolerate a negative or disruptive element, but respect ideas and suggestions.  Embrace and promote inspiration!

Contact us to see how we can assist your business with our corporate culture development and mediation and negotiation services.

Martha Wilcoxson

Ed.D., Creighton University, Interdisciplinary Leadership                                                      May 2019 

M.S., Creighton University School of Law, Negotiated Conflict Resolution                      Apr 2015 

Graduate Diploma Management, University of Central Queensland                              April 1984

B.S. Public Administration, Oregon State University – Corvallis, Oregon                     August 1975

Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional (CRCP)® financial industry compliance, legal, and regulatory certification / Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)   

EdD Dissertation Defense by Martha Wilcoxson
Monday, June 10, 2019
Perceived ethical challenges and effective, ethical decision-making skills used by financial planners and investment advisers in the U.S. financial industry.

Published Links, Affiliations & Profiles

Martha Wilcoxson was interviewed for this story, “Smart Steps To Instill A Strong Code Of Ethics For Financial Advisors” by Morey Stettner published by Investor’s Business DailyR September 28, 2020


ADRhub.com Profile (Alternative Dispute Resolution Community)


Research Gate Profile


Hasan School of Business (HSB)


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