Regulatory Compliance – Small Business’s Biggest Buzz Kill (or is it?)

When we ask clients what wins the prize for providing the most headaches, it’s almost unanimously regulatory compliance. Getting compliance training down earns kudos – but changing corporate culture hits the ball out of the park. Can you imagine taking topics that most employees ignore or misunderstand, effectively training the same group and finally promoting a closer healthier culture?

Office Culture: What’s the Temperature of Your Office?

What a sick office culture looks like. The bad news: if your office displays 2 of the following 5 team maladies, you have a sick office culture: 1. Interoffice sabotage (usually driven by gossip) 2. Excessive non-medical absenteeism 3. Limited dialogue, lack of free expression 4. High turnover – all staff positions. 5. No passion. Lack of direction. It’s for the paycheck, not the team There is good news...

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