Who is Responsible?

The abandoned shopping cart... literally. It’s the bane of urban existence – grocery store shopping carts abandoned on your property. My partner had I had the unusual experience last week of watching two vagabonds park their “stolen” shopping cart at the edge of our property. No use asking them to take it away, they were... Continue Reading →

Trust Me, I’m your Manager

We recently spoke to a supervisor who complained that her team had no respect for the job or her authority. What made matters worse was the fact that she felt management neither cared or supported her in her duties. Generating trust and respect of management by employees in the workplace is essential for productivity, team... Continue Reading →

Non-Profits and Turf Battles – How can such good people be so devious? We’ve all seen it. Two very successful and well-meaning non-profits joined in the goal of making their community a better place to live, develop a schism, competing for precious charitable dollars. Perhaps even more detrimental is their development of similar if not... Continue Reading →

Give Peace a Chance

In July 2013, Rotary International, the century old service organization added their peace initiative to the 4 Avenues of Service. What a profound statement. The presiding RI President, Sakuji Tanaka proclaimed “our business is peace”. An extremely powerful objective. In his statement, Tanaka noted that peace is more than the absence of conflict – it... Continue Reading →

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