POA – Not Just for Aging Relatives

Power of Attorney (POA) is not just for aging relatives. With depression affecting 6.7% of the population, family members might be faced with the need to establish Power of Attorney for siblings, cousins or extended family members.n We also discuss how to get a POA, and planning for aging parents.

Who is Responsible? Is it Ethics, is it Leadership?

Who's problem is it anyway? The abandoned shopping cart used by vagabonds is a symbol of something bigger. Is it an ethics problem or a leadership problem? We think it is the community that needs to accept responsibility... for their attitude behind the issue. Corporate attitude can be part of making your business different.

Colorado NDR

Colorado NDR is maintained by Martha Wilcoxson offering conflict dispute resolution solutions and sharing informative articles on a variety of topics surrounding the negotiated dispute resolution industry.

Regulatory Compliance – Small Business’s Biggest Buzz Kill (or is it?)

When we ask clients what wins the prize for providing the most headaches, it’s almost unanimously regulatory compliance. Getting compliance training down earns kudos – but changing corporate culture hits the ball out of the park. Can you imagine taking topics that most employees ignore or misunderstand, effectively training the same group and finally promoting a closer healthier culture?

Leadership Lessons from don Francisco

Over the years, don Francisco demonstrated all five components of emotional intelligence at work: self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Rumors may dispute some hallmarks, but in truth, possessing these qualities along with a true love for his business resulted in historical success.

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